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    UNISOL SLOVAKIA s.r.o. | Perfect Solution In Every Corner

    Our primary goal is to consistently improve the quality and range of services we offer to ensure customer satisfaction by meeting their needs and delivering exceptional value.

    We take pride in offering an extensive array of services, demonstrating a dedicated and professional approach that benefits all our potential clients and partners.

    Our company is registered in the commercial register at the regional court in Banská Bystrica as a company with limited liability with the following insert number: 22894/S

    Our Service Chain

    Our Service Chain

    Our Operating Hours

    To be able to reach us please use our time frame of business opening hours for direct calls via telephone.

    For any other business inquiry please use our online form, social network or support via live chat.

    Mon – Sat 7:00 – 18:00,
    Sunday – FREE DAY

    Contact Detail Information

    E-mail: office@unisol-slovakia.sk

     E-mail: unisolslovakia@gmail.com

     Slovak: +421 949 483 925

     British: +44 7577 447 393

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